Teachning Teachers how to Teach


Greg delivers the kind of keynote addresses that will make you laugh, make you cry and change your life! No death by PowerPoint here! Greg's presentations demand engagement and enjoyment as well as delivering important messages that count!

Motivational Talks

Need to get your spirits up? Want to believe that you can make a difference? Need to feel that you and your job matter? Greg is adept at creating and delivering workshops that help you remember why you woke up this morning and why it is a great day.

Classroom Demonstrations

Teachers very rarely get the chance to sit back and watch someone else teach…let alone teach their own students in their own classroom. Through classroom demonstrations Greg shares skills and information with teachers and students. Greg has performed teaching demonstrations in classrooms with children as young as four years old and with groups all the way through to adult education classes.

Teacher Workshops

Absolutely stuffed full of practical applications, Greg's workshops are designed to give teachers hands-on experience with real strategies that they can use immediately.

Student Workshops

Need to turn a whole year level into a team? Need to get a concept across to a particular group of students? Want to have it done as quickly and painlessly as possible? Then call Greg in. Greg presents fun, engaging workshops for students of all ages but is particularly good at helping groups in transition, such as whole first year high school groups, to settle in to a new environment. He also presents great skill-based workshops on exam preparations, goal setting and on “How to raise your parents!” that help students to cope with the rigors of high school stress.

Parent Workshops

Most parents have had more training in how to drive their car than how to raise their children. Greg's workshops are designed to empower parents to be excellent rather than perfect. Entertaining, humorous, honest and challenging these workshops are a must.

Illustrations and Cartooning

Kate is a fabulous designer and Greg is a compulsive cartoonist and illustrator. Let them design and illustrate your next book or PowerPoint.

Workshop Design

Greg and Kate will design workshops to meet your needs. If you have an issue you want dealt with in an entertaining and informative way or if you have a difficult group that you might need advice on how to deal with, Greg and Kate will devise a winning strategy to help you turn things around.

Conference/Workshop Facilitation

Want to have a great conference rather than just the same old stuff? Greg and Kate can help design, cater, book and facilitate your conference so that it will be an event that sticks in people's memories forever.


Greg and Kate have over thirty books published between them, from little reading books through to manuals on ethical animal treatments in scientific settings. If you are looking for writers who can enliven even the dullest subject, Greg and Kate can create the text for you. Greg and Kate also publish great teachers and leaders newsletters. (See Contact)

Corporate Stuff

Greg and Kate don't just work with schools but with companies and businesses too. If you need a fresh approach to learning for your business, Kate and Greg will design stunning stuff to suit your needs.


Greg and Kate regularly host visiting teachers to Western Australia on short term study visits. If you have a group of teachers interested in finding out more about what Western Australia has to offer educationally, or indeed have a group that would like to visit Australia from overseas, Greg and Kate can help you with bookings and accommodation and making contacts with schools and other institutions.