Teachning Teachers how to Teach

Behaviour Management

No matter where you work or what you do attitude is the key to success. Learning how to build great working environments whether they are pre primary, primary or middle schools, training environments, offices or retail outlets is the basis of Greg's approach. Greg will help you establish a safe working environment so that you can build trust with respect and fairness with credibility. Greg delivers great training in how to be proactive so that you can avoid many difficult behaviours; how to react to the inevitable negative issues that come with positive change and how to deal with those incredibly persistent repeat offenders.

Teambuilding and Conflict Resolution

“You are only as strong as your weakest link!” is an often repeated refrain by Greg when working with schools and organizations. Greg shows you how to include every member of your organization in a team, whether they be emotional terrorists of 8, 28 or 48 years old, and how to hold them accountable to team goals. Greg's teambuilding approach is highly practical, simple and directed at the things that really matter rather than being costly junkets with little to do with your work environments. Greg also helps you to solve problems in a way that has positives for all and does not have to be repeated as soon as the next emotional terrorist arrives!


Greg supports leaders in a whole variety of ways. His easy going, approachable, but totally frank nature, makes him an invaluable partner in many change management situations. He can be a change agent in your organization by simply being an independent auditor of what goes on there; a kind of a mystery shopper with credibility plus. He can work with you and your leadership team as a facilitator of discussions, meetings and planning, as well as being an ear on the end of the phone when you just need to get it off your chest. Greg provides you with a new look at leading that will guarantee that your leadership will be the serious fun you always hoped it would be. You can get Greg's leadership newsletter “Leading the Change” at no charge from the “contacts” page

Boys in Education

Despite the fact that we love our boys they do not always perform anywhere near as well as they should. Greg shows you how to get boys performing with a potent mixture of workshops for parents and teachers with in-class demonstrations that show you how to overcome the underperformance of boys at its source (the school yard!). Greg also has delivered a number of highly successful presentations for businesses wishing to overcome the gender issues involved in variable performance and expectation. Noting that the improvements we make with males improves females' performance as well.

Massage in Schools

Greg and Kate have been instrumental in bringing the “Massage in Schools Program” (MISP) to Australia. MISP, a teacher led program of child to child massage sessions, was introduced into several schools in Sweden in 1996. Developed for children aged from four to twelve years old, this five minute head, shoulder and neck massage produced dramatic results; a significant reduction in bullying, an improvement in sharing, a marked rise in concentration and motor skills improvement particularly for students with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). MISP has had great success in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland and Italy. Kate can arrange courses and training for your school at a very reasonable price. (See Contacts page.)

Cooperative Learning

Over eight hundred studies worldwide have shown that when you learn using cooperative learning techniques, that not only do you get better academic outcomes, but much better social outcomes as well. Greg presents highly practical Cooperative Learning workshops which he will back up with classroom demonstrations. His workshops are crammed full of strategies and fun but are also busting with demonstrated learning. With over ten years of experience both in using Cooperative Learning in the classroom and in workshops, Greg is convinced that a whole school approach to Cooperative learning will transform your school.

Multiple Intelligences

If you have more than one child of your own you will already know about Multiple Intelligence. In these workshops and demonstrations Greg opens up the concept of intelligence in a practical and purposeful way. Greg demonstrates the eight different intelligences uncovered by Howard Gardner through having participants experience each one of them and understand their reactions to them. Greg shows you how to match your teaching and training to different students preferred intelligences, stretch them into new areas of learning and celebrate the new learning that comes with looking at intelligence differently.

Curriculum Design

Do you want to create a learning experience that will really make a difference to your students as well as yourself? Then get Greg and Kate to help you design your next training package or curriculum unit. Both Greg and Kate are adept at uncovering brilliant and engaging strategies while still maintaining academic rigor. Not only that, they will help you to deliver the package in-class and provide logistical support to ensure your program is a success.