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Teacher talks

Dynamic skill building workshops for Pre-primary, Primary and High School staff all over Australia with the major topics being:

  1. Beyond Behaviour Management
  2. Transforming, Difficult, Hard to Reach, Complex Kids
  3. Teaching Social Skills
  4. Teaching using desirable difficulty, retrieval practice, routine, high expectation and mastery.

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Student talks

Fabulous interactive, entertaining and challenging workshops based on a number of important topics crafted for student developmental levels, time-frames and circumstances.

With major topics centering around Student Voice which include:

  1. Student Leadership, including student voice, safe school super-heroes and student senates.
  2. Whole year level Impact Days. (Ideal for camps.)
  3. Conflict resolution for kids.
  4. Behavioural health and mental well-being.
  5. The Big Talk; life, love and beyond.

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Parent talks

Having been parents for well over 100 years now with three children and eight grandchildren we greatly enjoy sharing our successes and our failures.

We have a range of parent options including:

  1. Understanding Volatile Teen Brains
  2. Understanding Autism
  3. Educating Emotionally Capable Boys!
  4. Resilient Parenting
  5. The Five Love Languages for Parents
  6. One, Two Three Magic!

We offer education related topics including; autism and school, beginning teaching, anxiety, and student voice.

My work is underpinned by a depth of knowledge and clarity of communication that empowers students, schools and parents alike. I help schools unlock the potential of their students by giving their teachers the opportunity to meet the most brilliant ideas that inspire engross and empower not just themselves but the students.

Together we can help students.

Each one of these workshop comes in a student, teacher and parent form in one hour, half day or full day formats on-site or online.


For School Leaders


Classroom Teachers & Consultants


Students & Online Conferences

THE BEHAVIOUR AMBULANCE. Every beginning teacher should have a copy.

The Behaviour Ambulance is a collection of all of the best strategies that can help a stressed teacher to get there class back on track. Starting from the easiest strategies to adopt “The Ambulance” delivers a reverse triage that really works.
Starting with “Band-aids” and progressing through, “stitches”, “operations” and “defibrillation”, this fast paced easy to read reference gives you over 80 strategies that really work.