If you don’t connect You can’t correct

Assisting school with;

  • Create emotional safety.
  • Teach teachers, students and parents how to regulate their nervous system.
  • Build connected relationships.
  • Support the development of a consistent narrative that makes sense to all.
  • Practice ‘power-with’ strategies.
  • Build social emotional and resiliency skills. • Encourage growth.

With the help of committed school teams, I create professional learning on a range of relevant topics including…

Positive classroom management

Practical support for beginning teachers

Behaviour management for difficult, complex and hard to engage students

Supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Effectively responding to behaviour issues and power struggles

Understanding and supporting students who lack confidence.

Involving, understanding, and managing hard to reach and disruptive students

On-site or online full or half day, high-energy interactive workshops available.