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Greg Mitchell

I am an Australian education consultant with over 40 years of teaching experience under my ever-increasing belt.

I have worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers and even more students in a variety of roles from year 2 teacher, deputy principal, curriculum consultant, system representative on the curriculum council.

Extensive topics

I have presented extensively at schools and conferences on a range of education related topics including; behaviour management, boys in education, autism and school, beginning teaching, anxiety, and student voice.

Depth of knowledge

My work is underpinned by a depth of knowledge and clarity of communication that empowers students, schools and parents alike.

Unlock the potential

I help schools unlock the potential of their students by giving their teachers the opportunity to meet the most brilliant ideas that inspire engross and empower not just themselves but the students they teach.


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Classroom Teachers & Consultants


Students & Online Conferences

THE BEHAVIOUR AMBULANCE. Every beginning teacher should have a copy.

The Behaviour Ambulance is a collection of all of the best strategies that can help a stressed teacher to get there class back on track. Starting from the easiest strategies to adopt “The Ambulance” delivers a reverse triage that really works.
Starting with “Band-aids” and progressing through, “stitches”, “operations” and “defibrillation”, this fast paced easy to read reference gives you over 80 strategies that really work.

Our Testimonials

It has been an awesome experience walking around the school and visiting classrooms who have started implementing the strategies that Greg spoke about.

From School Leaders

The teachers have responded really well and are talking positively about the experience they have had with Greg.

From School Leaders

Greg is my inspiration I love the way in such a short space of time that he was here he was able to make such a positive impact on our teachers. Principal

From School Leaders

I was at the conference and just LOOOVED your presentation, it was so fascinating and insightful. Your session has inspired me to attempt to change the way I practise not only in my classroom but also in my personal life . Teacher

From Classroom Leaders

Your engaging speaking skills, your creativity, and ability to hone in on what teachers feel they need to know, are so impressive! I wish I had half your talent! You inspire me to keep improving my skills.

From Consultants

I am writing to say thanks for Leadership Day it will help me to make good choices for Year 6. Leadership Day was so fun you taught us lots of things on how to be a good leader and make good choices. I didn’t know that a prefrontal cortex helps us with decisions I didn’t even know I had one..

From Students

Greg was absolutely brilliant, and I thoroughly enjoyed each session Greg facilitated. I could listen to him for days! Shane, Head of Sport

From Online Conference