Online and face to face workshops


Online and face to face workshops

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The Beginning Teachers Survival Pack

MAY 6th 2022
Online @ Critical Agendas

Learn the three big success tactics for beginning teachers:

  • Routines that work
  • Expectations that guide
  • Teaching for mastery

Unlocking Autism in the Mainstream Classrooms

JUNE 2, 2023
Online @ Critical Agendas

People with Autism do not suffer from Autism – they suffer from people who do not understand autism!

This interesting and highly practical workshop is designed for teachers and teacher assistants who work with autistic students in the mainstream classroom and who would like to help with unlocking the puzzling aspects of motivating students who do not respond in a conventional way.


Teaching Complex, Hard to Reach, Disinterested and Disruptive Students

JUNE 8, 2023

Face to Face Brisbane

Critical Agendas

This workshop provides teachers, behaviour coordinators, teacher assistants and support personnel with strategies, techniques, and ideas designed to prevent motivation and discipline problems in the most difficult of classrooms.


CONFERENCE Strategies that support Positive Behaviour Management

Online @ Critical Agendas

Trauma Informed Behavioural Health – A different approach to student behaviour issues.

This presentation details how teachers, leaders, students, and parents can use a Behavioural Health approach which sees Behaviour Management, Mental Health and Trauma Awareness as one issue, forms practical strategies that build better behaviour, manages mental health issues, and responds in a trauma compassionate manner.

CONFERENCE Developing Effective Differentiation

MAY 26th & 27th 2022 CONFERENCE
Online @ Critical Agendas

Two Keynotes

  • Thursday afternoon – Differentiating for Desirable Difficulty.
  • Friday afternoon – Mastering Retrieval Practice. Building Memory and Understanding Learning.

I was at the conference and just LOOOVED your presentation, it was so fascinating and insightful. Your session has inspired me to attempt to change the way I practise not only in my classroom but also in my personal life . Teacher

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