Do you have a whole year level who seem to have missed out on developing good social skill habits after the disruption of the last few years?

This one day workshop is designed to take a whole year level of students, plus their teachers and some parents and some older student leaders, and work out what “good social skills really mean”.

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The workshop is fast paced, interactive, and extremely practical.

I won’t lie – there are some challenges in the day, but the end product will be a common understanding of what we all need to do to make school a place that loves your brain, looks after your mental health, and makes you socially capable.

Having Your Voice Heard

According to Russ Quaglia’s meticulous research on student voice, when students believe that their teachers know their students’ goals, hopes, dreams, and desires, their students are 18 times more academically engaged than students who do not!

This workshop examines the conditions that can be used by all educators to improve their relationships with students, make teaching and learning more relevant and engaging, and create a renewed sense of purpose in their classrooms and schools.

The workshop then details practical, doable ways that your schools can implement:

  • Greater teacher student connection.
  • Student voice and leadership.
  • Better interactions with complex students
  • Transitioning strategies that enable change to happen.

You will also meet a plethora of creative strategies that involve students more in the daily running of life, the making of decisions, the process of school discipline and the course of change.

You will meet amongst other strategies, how to set up:

  • A Student Senate
  • Safe School Super-Heroes
  • Genius Hour
  • Classroom strategies

Safe School Super Heroes

Safe School Super Heroes are students who transform your school playgrounds by learning how to become influencers in unsupervised situations.

This training show students how to impact upon the 80% of bullying that teachers never see.

They learn the skills of:

  • Distraction
  • Balance
  • Reason
  • Support and information sharing.

This can totally alter the tone of playgrounds and help stressed schools win the battle against aggressive behaviours.

The workshop is aimed for selective student leaders who get a full day’s training and teacher support to become true student leaders in yours school.

Desirable Difficulty the Key to Resilience

Few students ever actively enjoy being stretched beyond their comfort zone but this inspiring workshop demonstrates to students how they can achieve beyond their limits.

Using heavily researched examples, lots of fun, and great teaching practice, this workshop show student how to use a host of power thinking tools that will turn them into almost indestructible learners

The workshop uses the following approaches to motivate students like you have never seen them before:

  • Learning circles
  • Retrieval practice
  • Interleaving
  • Spacing
  • Cooperative dynamite teamwork

It even involves sure fire procrastination destruction methods which are a must for any secondary school student.

The Soft Skills of Success

No matter what your scores are, soft skills matter.

Did you know that you can predict your future success by examining what you did with one marshmallow when you were four or how well you shared things?

This fascinating talk looks at how the littlest habits have huge consequences for our success if we are not aware of them.

The workshop details how positive outlook and self control are vital to helping us all get what we really want from life and shows us how to develop strength, balance, courage and common sense.

Learn how the five key soft social skills of life can be learned at any time in your development and rapidly transform your happiness, performance and relationships.

Learn the top five proactive social skills, how to learn them and when they can be used to really make a difference to your life now and in the future.

The big five are:

  1. Mutual respect.
  2. Positive communication.
  3. Being your best self.
  4. Active listening.
  5. Giving and getting help.


Did you know that people who become paraplegics and people who win huge amounts of money are equally as happy one year after their life changing experience?

This is because resilience is a state of mind rather than an external or even physical condition.

This fascinating workshop explores how we can develop the mindset that enables us to keep going no matter what goes wrong.

The talk looks at some of the most inspiring people in the world who do seemingly miraculous things every day and shows students how they can think this way too.

The three big rules of resilience are taught in this workshop in a number of entertaining, active and practical ways. They are:

  1. Be thankful for what you have got.
  2. Dream big dreams and make big hairy audacious goals.
  3. Never give up.


Learning how to manage our mental capacity is the biggest job in our life.

This workshop explains to students how the brain works to protect us at all costs from things that could harm us, particularly in the short term.

Students learn how the interplay between senses, emotions, awareness, social interaction, and higher order thought produces tensions which can greatly effect our well-being, relationships, performance and life in general.

The workshop shows how anxiety works, and and how social mandates create impossible goals for our brain to work in a healthy way.

This workshop is available for different developmental levels from Year 3 upwards to Year 12.

I was at the conference and just LOOOVED your presentation, it was so fascinating and insightful. Your session has inspired me to attempt to change the way I practise not only in my classroom but also in my personal life . Teacher

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